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Swagelok Chicago

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center



Our Swagelok-certified trainers educate your workforce to successfully design, install and maintain even the most complex fluid systems, aligning training with your culture and strategic goals. We can train your team in everything from tube fitting installation to designing process analyzer sampling systems or even orbital welding.

How do we align Training with your Culture?

- New generation of employees with different skill sets

  • Our training complements these skill sets, providing foundational knowledge to support their careers and make them more rounded
  • Our focus on safety helps reinforce your safety-first culture, protecting your most important assets – your team

- Increasing your employee value

  • Our training:
  • Helps develop your employees' careers
  • Makes your employees more valuable to the company
  • Demonstrates the investment you want to make in them
  • Helps keep them relevant at a time of rapid change

How do we align Training with your Strategic Goals?

- You need to accomplish more with fewer people

  • We help replace your loss of industry experts, allowing you to allocate your resources more efficiently and focusing on what you do best
  • You will have more trained subject matter experts to rely on

- Our training provides real efficiencies and return on your investment

  • From reduced media loss to realizing better design resulting in a more profitable product
  • Lowering employee turnover

- Exceed industry standards helping to create a world-class organization

Email or call 866.901.0151 to get training that aligns with your culture & strategic goals.