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Swagelok Chicago

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Rugged Reliable Steam Trap Stations

High efficiency steam trap stations allow you to visually monitor steam tracing conditions on your unit. This is an opportunity for your personnel to positively impact your facility’s steam efficiency and lower operating costs.

Swagelok® Steam Trap Stations provide a unique solution to troubleshoot condensate return lines. This ball valve is uniquely designed to eliminate stem and seat packing leakage that others do not match in safety, reliability or function. Installs in minutes, plug this standard assembly into your existing condensate return header and attach your choice of trap. Steam trap isolation, testing and change outs are simple.

Swagelok Trap Stations provide:

  • Reliable and quick trap isolation and testing
  • Improved safety and efficiency
  • Short install time and require little additional labor
  • A safe and easy way identify on/off/ test positions
  • A no-leak stem and seat design with a long life
  • A high flow, gas-tight shut off ball valve design
  • An opportunity to work with your choice of trap


Email us or call 866.901.0151 today to talk to our steam trap experts to help you increase your steam system's efficiency.