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Swagelok Chicago

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Steam System Tubing

Swagelok insulated tubing is an outstanding choice for steam supply and condensate return lines, or any gas or liquid transport line where weather proofing or energy conservation are important.

Swagelok insulated tubing benefits

  • Less expensive alternative to field installed insulation of small diameter tubing and pipe
  • Very safe option due to the protection your personnel against hot process and steam lines
  • Keeps moisture out with non wicking design of insulation
  • Low chloride insulation protects your tube from corrosion
  • Tight 8" bend radius make this easiest pre-insulated tubing to install

Swagelok single and multi-jacketed tubing benefits

  • Safely and reliably protects against galvanic and atmospheric corrosion, and may replace more expensive alloy tubing
  • Lowers cost by enabling installation of up to four tubes at once
  • Individual tubes are marked along the entire length for safe identification and operation
  • Cost effective protection from abrasion and wear

Swagelok Bundled tubing is a reliable, low cost option when you need to maintain temperature in a variety of pressure transmitter and analytical applications.

  • Parallel tube configuration
  • Quicker purging capabilities with less actual tubing length than cabled construction
  • Low and high pressure, light and heavy duty steam trace options

If you haven't tried Swagelok pre-insulated tubing it's worth a call to learn more. We carry a full line of accessories to support installation along with a wide range of tubing materials are readily available.

Email us or call 866.901.0151 today to talk to our steam experts to help you choose the steam tubing appropriate for your application.