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Work Smart Not Hard

There are many ways a custom solution can benefit you and your facility. This pressure regulator scenario is common in most process facilities. Here are two ways to complete this common task. Which do you think will save time, money AND makes your job easier?

Scenario 1

  1. Design system
  2. Find and specify parts
  3. Look up part numbers from possibly multiple vendors
  4. Quote all part numbers from vendors
  5. Order several line items as needed from vendors
  6. Track and receive several boxes shipped complete or partial with parts from multiple vendors
  7. Warehouse several parts waiting for all to be received
  8. Create work order, schedule assembly
  9. Assign work to qualified, trained assembler
  10. Installer gathers tools and re-inventories parts
  11. Hope it's all there, and then begin assembly work
  12. Test assembly, if test bench is built. If not, return to step one for test bench
  13. Install non-warranted assembly into your system

Scenario 2

  1. Call us
  2. Tell us want you want
  3. Approve design
  4. Order assembled/ tested part — one part number
  5. Receive ready-to-install assembly
  6. Install into your system

This is one of what may be hundreds of different applications at a facility like yours where ordering an assembled part could really benefit you. This allows you to work efficiently, save money, time, and labor while improving performance with highest quality parts.

Email us or call 866.901.0151 today to see how we can help make your job easier.