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Hose Fabrication Cell Case Study

As companies continue to rely on a lean staff and increase the requirements for efficiency, having a reliable supplier as a resource is essential to complete projects on time and on budget. 

When a power plant was updating their boiler damper controls, they relied on us to examine the original drawings and identify solutions that would meet the original specifications (some of the parts were obsolete). We collaborated with their engineers on the project to understand their application requirements and offered solutions to improve the system.


The drawings presented were from an update to the damper system in the early 1980s. The hose product specified was obsolete and no longer available. They needed a custom length hose, with two different end connections, and needed it quickly.


We worked with the engineers on the project to identify and specify a hose solution that met the requirements of their system. This solution made their system easier to install and maintain. Our hose fabrication cell's capabilities allowed us to assemble 144 hoses in just 5 business days from receiving the purchase order.


Our expertise helped the engineers resolve their issue quickly and efficiently. The hose solution reduced the number of fittings needed to install the new damper system. The custom lengths of the hoses assured that the company only bought what they needed and had no overages. The quick turnaround of the hoses helped the project get done on time and budget.

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