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Swagelok Chicago

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Investing in a safe workspace is often the best use of your company funds. Hose assemblies can help you do that.

Custom hoses safely transport fluids in your facility. From hydraulic fluids, to laboratory calibration and instrument gases, each Swagelok hose connection has to be leak-tight and ready to work well. Swagelok hoses offer the advantage of plugging directly into your system, and are certified to be installed and assembled within the stringent guidelines of Swagelok's Quality Assurance Program. This ensures your hose is tested and guaranteed to deliver the performance you expect.

The value of Swagelok hoses is found when quality workmanship and efficient processes combine with technical service to deliver the right hose at the lowest installed cost. Most Swagelok hoses are built on site offering you the quickest delivery of custom hose solutions for your application. The following are examples where customers had an idea and we made the hose to fit seamlessly to their system.

When selecting integral, wrenchless quick connect fittings or preswaged swivel connections. Leak-tight joints that install directly to your system lessens install time and offers a safe, dedicated hose for this application while reducing inventory. Great for laboratories and frequent equipment tie ins.

Hose Assembly - quick connect

The selection of the right tool for this instrument air application ensures safe usage and safe housekeeping. Additionally, there are highly customizable solutions available to facilitate the transport of hoses. And if you are a facility that places safety and operational efficiency as a high priority these solutions can help relieve some of your issues.

Hose reel

This custom wash cart hooks right into the steam cleaning system to maintain cleanliness of process equipment. Mobilizing this process enables more coverage area of this facility.

Wash cart

This custom hose assembly regulates flow and pressure of gas to a lab hood. Facilitating this procedure is a flexible hose connected to a needle valve, relief valve and gauge. Since this is used several times a day, quick connects ensure repetitive, one-handed engagement of metered fluid to a point of use.

Regulate flow to lab hood

Delivery of one hose or one skid depends on what you are looking to achieve. Our Custom Solutions department will efficiently process multiple line items into one part number for easy order processing. Let us do the leg work and you are left with a simple installation of basically inlet and outlet connections.

Email us or call 866.901.0151 today to talk to our hose experts to help you choose the right assemblies for your facility.