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Swagelok Chicago

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CNG Certifications

You can expect exceptional performance and value when you specify Swagelok products or systems for your CNG vehicle, refueling station, transportation and storage applications. Swagelok has earned a leadership role in the CNG industry because of superior design principles in combination with close manufacturing tolerances and rigid quality assurance programs. Swagelok products have historically been specified throughout all industries in the most critical applications where failure is not tolerated. Today there are millions of vehicles on the road using compressed natural gas for fuel, and the number increases daily. To ensure safe and efficient high pressure gas components are used in these vehicles it is important that these products offer the peace of mind that appropriate safety standards and certifications provide to you. Swagelok has earned CNG certifications from nationally recognized testing laboratories to show our commitment to customer satisfaction, performance and value.

Swagelok components often exceed compressed natural gas industry standards that determine product performance and challenge manufacturer quality systems through 3rd party independent testing. It makes good business sense to look for a reputable certification mark on products you buy, sell and specify on your CNG systems and components.

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