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60 Series Ball Valves for Steam

The price to produce steam has risen in the last several years. What we did 10 years ago is no longer acceptable. The elimination of practices like venting large amounts of steam, dumping condensate, and even steam leakage, calls out a need for quality parts that work well while conserving energy in your steam system. If you haven’t upgraded your steam systems recently consider these unloaded steam costs:

  • Pre-2000s: unloaded cost of steam was approximately $1.10/1000 lbs
  • Today the unloaded cost of steam is approximately $6.50/1000 lbs

Your numbers may be different than general industry numbers of a 500% increase, but the take away is energy conservation is here to stay and it saves your profits from leaking away. Investment in steam products that are designed to work well can significantly reduce facility costs.

Swagelok offers three ball valve options that can help you optimize you plant steam processes.

1. 60 series -250 psig at 417F, ¼” to 2”, variety of end connections

60 Series Ball Valve cross section 60 Series Ball Valve

60 Series Ball Valve dismantled 60 Series Ball Valve seat
2. S60P series – Up to 2500 psi, 1050 psig at 550F,¼” to 2” with a variety of end connections

S60P series ball valve
  • 8- bolt design resists differential thermal expansion during rapid temperature cycling
  • PEEK seats, stem and stem bearings resist the absorption of water and the erosive damage of steam
  • Grafoil flange seals maintain leak-tight integrity at high temperatures
3. TVA – steam trap test valve assembly, ½” and ¾” assemblies. 259 psig at 417 F

Designed for use with saturated steam systems for fast, visual monitoring of steam trap performance and condensate removal. Perfect for trap stations as an integral part of condensate return lines.

Steam Trap Test Valve Assembly

  • Consists of two 60-series ball valves and a universal mount with steam trap in one integrated package
  • Upstream isolation valve allows for quick, safe and reliable maintenance of the steam trap
  • The downstream test valve offers a simple quarter-turn operation, allowing anyone to positively monitor trap performance, eliminating tools, or complicated valve operation to safely isolate line.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain integral Universal Mount

Email us or call 866.901.0151 today to get best valve for your steam application.