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Double Block and Bleed Valve


Delivering a superior customer experience is core to our company’s success. One example that demonstrates this commitment is the ongoing dialogue we have with custom-ers to develop products and services that meet their business needs.


Typically, many arrangements that try to serve the same purpose as the double block and bleed are bolted from individual valves, fittings, and other components. This yields an assembly that is bulky, heavy, and contains numerous potential leak paths.

Our solution is a direct result of a partner’s request to develop a double-block and bleed valve that is more portable and reliable than current industry standards.


Our solution joins two 60-series ball valves to a modified center body containing a vent. The result is a compact, rigid design that saves space and offers a positive sealing and high-flow capacity only ball valves can deliver. Additionally, it ensures isolation of system fluid and pressure for mainte-nance, equipment change-out, or calibration. This result is a better, safer way of solving the customer’s problem.

In one simple package our customer received a factory-engineered and tested assembly that was ready to install in their system. And because of the additional safety and compactness of our double block and bleed solution they have peace of mind when installing them at critical service points within their system. 


• Instrument isolation points

• Chemical injecting and sampling points

• Vents and drains

• Isolate a relief valve on large storage tanks

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Double Block and Bleed Valve

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